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Discover Beauty at AMARRA-Schmuck

Amarra-Jewellery  - has a poetic ring. It suggests Amore, Love (amare, ital.“to  love”), joie de vivre and passion. A promise paired with a matchless sense for beauty and unique jewellery. In short: a small, refined “work of art”. Every Amarra piece is handmade and unique, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. “Amarra-Schmuck” always tells of emotion and a clear commitment to artistry.

Behind each design, behind each ornamental finesse and aesthetic refinement, stands the story of Christine Brand, assistant to Antonio Marra. A native  of Westphalia and a Neapolitan painter. A multi-talented lady with style, elegance and taste, and a contemporary artist of international renown.

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„Es traf mich wie ein Blitz“

Der Gedichtband von Christine Brand.
ISBN 978-3-89514-814-9
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